VOR supply chain platform

Need more CONTROL in your Supply Chain?

Heavy industry supply chain is awash with siloed software systems, built to lock you into long-term contracts through closed data architectures.

Streamba’s control centre, VOR, unpicks your supply chain from these digital shackles, allowing you choose the best technology for each application.

Aggregating and contextualising digital streams from data capture tools to corporate data warehouses and data lakes, VOR provides a single environment to visualise and control your supply chain from purchase order to onsite delivery.

I need VOR to tell me: “Where is my stuff” and “How do I do it better?” Then help me get it done.

SC&L Lead, Chevron Australia

All your supply chain data in one unified environment

VOR’s open data architecture builds digital connections to the sources of information in your supply chain.

You should control where and how your data is stored, not your vendors. Store aggregated and contextualised supply chain data securely, either in our Azure cloud instance, or your own. The choice will always be yours.

Configure your refresh rates to manage cost vs performance – a crucial requirement for managing cloud spend.

Extract untapped value from your supply chain

Utilise VOR’s advanced supply chain data model to gain comprehensive insights and improve efficiency across your operations. Reduce costs and streamline processes by building operational context and optimising resource allocation.

Our visualisation engine provides a unified control centre view, enabling real-time monitoring and management of your end-to-end supply chain. Enhance decision-making and operational agility with a clear, centralized perspective.

Use these tools empower you to make informed decisions, drive value, and achieve sustainable growth.

Let your stakeholders self-service their goods location queries

Get answers fast

Let your stakeholders pinpoint their goods using VOR’s GenAI search agent.

Query directly through chat

Users can source supply chain data via Teams* by tagging VOR.AI

* Trademark of Microsoft

Instantly identify cost leakage

Ask VOR to identify previously invisible spend allocation problems.